Why choose DMT?

The advantages you receive when choosing Discover Mongolia:

  • Fast Response: We believe that it is very important to respond our customers immediately. We get back to you within 1 working day in any emailed questions. Plus our live online support will help you to find right information and services within minutes.
  • Quality: All amenities and accommodation on your tour has been specially tested and selected according to the highest standards. Your tour package includes the best hotels, tourist camps, restaurants, and transportation – just part of our commitment to high quality and authenticity.
  • Authenticity: Owned & operated by local Mongolian people, Discover Mongolia Travel is committed to giving our customers an authentic Mongolia experience not just something staged for tourist. We will take you to authentic local restaurants wherever possible, not to tourist traps that all serve the same food.
  • Value: We believe when you compare quality and costs, we offer the best value for money for travel in Mongolia. You may find that some of our tours cost a little more than what appears to be the same offered by another tour operator. Just reiterate value for money and quality rather than the fact that it may cost more. We, however, will always ensure that our customers receive the best value for their money.
  • Well-designed: Every component of your trip – including destinations, attractions, services and staff – is chosen according to our special selection and criteria. We want your holiday to become one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. We will make sure everything you encounter is of the highest quality to make sure you make the best use of your time in Mongolia.
  • Easy and Safe payment method: We are one of the few travel companies that accept Visa or MasterCard as a safe method of payment online. It’s just another way we are looking to make your trip simple and efficient.
  • Creditability: Travel with award winning company. Judged one of the top 5 tour operators by Marketing and Management Association of Mongolia and 2008 Market Leader Company by Mongolian Marketing Association. Discover Mongolia Travel is a well-established and respected travel company and is affiliated to the major travel trade and government organizations of Mongolia. Discover Mongolia Travel is recognized as a tour operator by the Mongolian Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism. We are also a member of Mongolian Tourism Association and Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Click here to view the license

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